The Best Maa Baap Quotes In Urdu That Make You Cry

Most people search for quotes about Maa Baap. The only purpose of finding these quotes is to pay homage to their maa baap for which they are living a successful life in this world. Maa Baap quotes in urdu This is one of the most searched word by Pakistanis on internet.

The Best Collection Of Maa Baap Quotes In Urdu

Whenever people search Urdu quotes about Maan Baap on the internet, their only goal is to express their love for Maan Baap with the help of these quotes. Most people love their mother or their father but they do not know how to express it. They do not find words to express it. People love their parents dearly but they cannot express this love in front of their parents.

With this problem in mind, we’ve put together a collection of the best Maan Baap quotes for people to express their love for their mother and father. So that people can easily copy the quotes related to Maan Baap from here in Urdu and in pictorial form and share it with their parents. On this site you will find a wide and rare collection of quotes not only about Maan Baap but also about friends, good morning, Ramadan and various other areas of life which you can read. Not only will you be able to copy it but you will also be able to share it with your friends on your social media accounts.

The importance of Maa Baap Rights in Urdu Quotes

Before searching for Urdu Quotes About Parents, you should all know the rights of parents. On this website you will find maa baap  quotes in Urdu as well as parental rights. Parents are a great blessing for man from Allah Almighty. This is a blessing for which Allah Almighty has not created any alternative. Parents are a symbol of peace in human life. Parents are the only relationship in the world that never wants to harm their children.

They themselves suffer but cannot see their children in any kind of suffering. Parents are an invaluable gift from God to creation, and it is a gift that has no substitute. Parents have many rights over their children which they have to fulfill in any case. If the child does not fulfill the rights of the parents, then he is a victim of failure in both this world and the hereafter.

All religions of the world have urged parents to fulfill their rights. It is the duty of every child to respect their parents. We are Muslims and we are followers of Islam. Islam places great emphasis on the rights of parents. Islam has given parents a place that no other religion has given. If we Muslims do not respect our parents and disobey them, then we will turn away from the commands stated by Allah Almighty. And when we disobey Allah’s command, our abode will be Hell. Therefore, as Muslims, we must obey the commands of Allah regarding our parents and be successful in this world and in the hereafter.