Hazrat Ali Quotes In Urdu (The Most Inspirational Imam Ali Sayings)

Hazrat Ali had a great personality and remarkable life principles. He belonged to the most respected and superior family of Quraish, Banu Hashim. He had an excellent intellectual level and thereby led his life according to the Islamic principles and disciplines. His sayings were so powerful and influential that they are even applicable in present. Here we have compiled a diverse collection of Hazrat Ali quotes in Urdu or imam Ali quotes about life, self respect, relationship, love, and Ramadan.

Hazrat Ali Quotes In Urdu

Go through all the quotes and sayings by Hazrat Ali to get motivation, inspiration, and courage to face life challenges. These quotes teach us how to live life wisely, help us to build trust in Allah, and follow the instructions highlighted in the Holy Quran.

Life Imam Ali sayings In Urdu

All these quotes are related to the life of Imam Ali. These are all about the life situations, problematic conditions, courage stories, and the success secrets of his wars against non-Muslims. Being a Muslim and a believer of Islam, you should know Hazrat Ali life sayings in Urdu and try to implement these in your daily routine.

Relationship Hazrat Ali Quotes In Hindi

Since Hazrat Ali led a simple life while following the Islamic rules, he had a great sense of humor and superior intellect. He also guided us in regards to relationships, how to build them, make them even stronger, ignore the mistakes or disabilities of other people, and try to make them perfect. These imam Hazrat Ali quotes in Urdu/Hindi are a great way of recalling all the golden principles to live relationships happily.

Hazrat Ali Quotes About Love

Emotions are the part of human beings, we cannot ignore or deny them. Among them, love is a beautiful emotion we have upon which every relationship and our daily life feelings depend.

Therefore, we have struggled hard to collect the Hazrat Imam Ali sayings in Urdu about love so that you can go through them and fill your heart with this wonderful emotion. In other words, you can say that these quotes are life changing because our all visible or hidden matters or thoughts are based on the emotion of love. So, you will definitely get something new and remarkable from this collection that will help you in the long run.

Jumma Mubarak Hazrat Ali Quotes

Since Hazrat Ali learned his life morals from Hazrat Mohammed, he took Jumma as a holy day. He considers Jumma the best day of the week and addressed its importance to Muslims. His Jumma Mubarak sayings are inspirational and soulful even nowadays. Therefore, we have brought a list of such Jumma Mubarak quotes by Hazrat Ali in Urdu. Probably you will know them for the first time. So, know the importance of Jumma as the best day of the week in Islam and follow the instructions of the holy Quran.

Deep Meaning Self Respect Hazrat Ali Quotes In Urdu

Self respect is the most meaningful emotion that human beings have intrinsically. Hazrat Ali has visualized the real concept or deep meaning of self respect to us. They also led his life as the most courageous and bravest man in history. And thereby, he taught Muslims how to strengthen their self respect through his actions and sayings. We have collected some of the great sayings for you to walk you through the deep meaning self respect Hazrat Ali sayings in Urdu.

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