Matlabi Rishte Quotes In Urdu Text And Pictures

Here is a great compilation of matlabi rishte quotes in Urdu text and pictures that you can share to express your feelings and emotions to people. The post is divided in different sections including kamzarf matlabi log quotes, matlabi dost quotes, and matlabi duniya quotes and saying so that you can navigate easily. Matlabi Rishte […]

Maulana Rumi Quotes In Urdu (Collection Of Sufi Quotes & Poetry)

Here is the best compilation of Maulana Rumi quotes and poetry in Urdu that you can save either in the form of text or pictures and share with your family friends with ease. Maulana Rumi Quotes In Urdu Maulana Rumi was a great Persian Sufi poet famous for his mystical thoughts and spiritual soul. His […]

Bleeding Kashmir Quotes In Urdu (Save For Next Kashmir Day)

Get the most inspirational, heartbreaking, and emotional bleeding Kashmir quotes in Urdu to express your emotions for the kashmiri people on Kashmir day. Bleeding Kashmir quotes in Urdu Kashmir is the most beautiful and unmatched land in Pakistan. It’s worldly renown as a paradise of Pakistan, yet India has turned the beauty of Kashmir into […]

Imam Hussain Quotes In Urdu (Famous & Inspirational Sayings)

Learn to stand for truth and fight against oppression from the famous and Inspirational Hazrat Imam Hussain quotes in Urdu. The aim of this compilation is to provide you with quotes full of obedience, fear of Allah, salvation, truth, generosity, mercy, and death. Imam Hussain Quotes In Urdu The life of Hazrat Hussain is a […]

Sheikh Saadi Quotes In Urdu (Collection Of Aqwal, Hikayat & Poetry)

Get a cyclopedic collection of Sheikh Saadi quotes, sayings, hikayat, and morals of his spiritual and ethical stories in Urdu. Sheikh Saadi was the greatest ethical poet and writer of his time. He was one of the hyped creators of Persia and blessed with a superior intellect. Throughout his life, sheikh Saadi traveled to many […]

Father Death Quotes In Urdu – Heartfelt Sayings Miss You Father

The death of the father brings an indefinable amount of grief and sorrow. Losing a father means losing a protector, life model, best friend, and helping hand. No one can take place of your father and cannot heal you like your father. However, words have amazing healing power. If you’re missing your father who has […]

Kamzarf Matlabi Log Quotes In Urdu Text And Pictures

Here’s what you are looking for, an amazing collection of kamzarf matlabi log quotes in Urdu. It’s the best way to get inspiration from the wise and golden sayings of great people that we have collected for you. Kamzarf Matlabi Log Quotes In Urdu People are not always the same as they pretend to be. […]

Hazrat Ali Quotes In Urdu (The Most Inspirational Imam Ali Sayings)

Hazrat Ali had a great personality and remarkable life principles. He belonged to the most respected and superior family of Quraish, Banu Hashim. He had an excellent intellectual level and thereby led his life according to the Islamic principles and disciplines. His sayings were so powerful and influential that they are even applicable in present. […]

Best 2 Line Heart Touching Quotes in Urdu

There are many types of quotes. People search and read about their feelings. For example, people search for Heart Touching Quotes in Urdu, Best Quotes in Urdu or Two Line Quotes in Urdu on the Internet. People find them and share them with friends, loved ones and relatives. People search for quotes by mood and […]